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The results have been phenomenal! 
 Letters of Recommendation
December 20, 2012,

Re: Reference Letter
From: Beverly Muckala, Jennifer Unsen

We would highly recommend Jeff Hill as a real estate agent. He was very helpful and worked very hard in selling the house in Hesperia. He was always available, whether it was by email, text or phone. He was always willing to answer any questions, and did so quickly and thoroughly.

We weren't disappointed with any aspect of his service and would use him again as our agent.

Thank you,
Beverly Muckala
Jennifer Unsen
January 31, 2011,

Hill Reality

Dear Jeff,

Today we closed our transaction. As you know, this transaction was a very challenging one and involved a lot of personal feelings.

However, you were very determined from the start to complete this transaction and thanks to your persistency and commitment to your customer, you accomplished this success.

You never gave up on this listing and the difficulties that it carried along with it. You offered your continuous support and provided excellent customer service.

It is noticeable your knowledge and skills in the realty, marketing and customer service arenas. Your commitment to succeed and high values reflect on the results you deliver for your clients.

My husband and I, both professionals, are very demanding customers and we usually have high expectations. However, we have not one single complaint or area where you may have fallen short. All communications were accurate, professional and timely. You provided your advice and support all throughout the transaction. You were always on top of things and you went beyond your duty for us.

Words may fall short when describing your excellent service, commitment to your client and our gratitude. You will always be highly regarded in my family for your high values, hard work and optimal results.

After working with you, I doubt I could work with any other realtor, and we will certainly be in touch for our next transaction. We will be delighted to work you again.

Please do not hesitate in providing this letter or my contact information to prospective clients.

November 1, 2010,

Hill Reality

Dear Jeff,

I thought I would write you a letter of thanks as there is much to be thankful for in your efforts for the sale of our house.

Few people would see and know of your daily efforts in this task Jeff. However, I can tell you that I saw it! When I write here, I am just writing about our house sale and I know this effort is multiplied many times over for you with other real estate sales.

The level of effort on your part was not ordinary. It was profound and based on my observation it was over the top every day. The problems generated by these kinds of sales actually require someone like you to deal with them on all levels to assure the sale will be closed. This is itself an indicator of the level of experience and knowledge one must possess in order to deal with issues of this magnitude and this does not take into account the drive and dedication in combination with the experience and knowledge to overcome obstacles impeding the sale.

In my estimate you are nothing short of a hero in Franís and my life. There are not many people of your quality that I know. I want to thank you and say that I really am glad to have you as a friend.

You can use this letter as a testimonial for other would be customers. If you do, I highly recommend you to anyone interested in selling their house and they can call me on it.

Ray Stevenson
Dear Jeff,

We were referred to Jeff by a friend; by this time, we had been house shopping for over a year and we were having no luck finding our "perfect house". We got in touch with Jeff and told him what we wanted and could afford. A short time later, we are now enjoying our new home.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable broker with a keen understanding of the local real estate market, we highly recommend Jeff Hill. Jeff is a kind, considerate, and professional realtor. His knowledge and advice was extremely helpful, and the effort, energy and commitment that he provided went above and beyond our expectations.

Thanks again Jeff for your advice and direction throughout the purchase of our 1st home. You are a real professional, and it has been a pleasure to deal with you. We truly feel that not only did we find a great broker, but an ongoing friendship. We wish you continued success!

Sam Phillips
Dear Jeff,

I have been in the real estate business for eight years and owned my own mortgage company for 4 years now. I have worked with a number of real estate professionals in preparing loans for them. I have met many different types of realtors during this time. Many come and go, simply because they do not know the business. This is the exact opposite of my experience with you. You have shown yourself to be a true professional that takes this industry seriously. You always had my best interest in mind and made sure that I was aware of every step of the transaction. You know the housing industry in and out and make sure that your knowledge carries over to the closing of every transaction possible. Your honesty and integrity are unapproached by many in the field. I would highly recommend your services to anyone interested in buying or selling there home. They will not be disappointed with the outcome. Thank you again for all of your hard work!

Brett Grinnell, Equity Fast, Inc.
Dear Jeff,
Andrew and I would like to express our gratitude to you for helping us find the perfect home. Before consulting with you, we truly did not know where to begin, what buying a house entailed, and what steps needed to be taken. That first meeting we had with you immediately dispelled all questions and concerns we had. It was so obvious that not only are you knowledgeable about the real estate industry to a GREAT degree but you are extremely passionate about what you do. It's that passion that we truly appreciated because it made us feel like we were in good hands.

Andrew and I (and Buster too!) want you to know that we absolutely love our house and especially love the community of Ladera Ranch. Thank you so much for finding this goldmine for us and for guiding us through the entire process of securing the loan and getting the house through escrow. You'll definitely be hearing from us again when the time comes to look for a bigger house and we'll be sure to spread the word about you to whoever we know looking to buy!

Andrew and Melanie Cabansag

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff:
I just moved into my new place and finally have a moment to breath. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I thought the American dream of owning my own place was completely out of reach, but you've made that dream come true. Thanks to your tenacity and incredible knowledge of the mortgage and real estate businesss, I was a new homeowner with a great loan in less than two months of my first meeting you.

I've spoken with quite a few mortgage brokers over the years and they have done nothing but waste my time and make promises they could not keep. You've been the one exception. The quality I appreciated the most about you was that you were honest and upfront with me about everything, there were no surprises, and you kept me informed during the entire process. You've really mastered the mortgage and real estate business - I pity the fool who doesn't call you first!

I just can't thank you enough for all your hard work. I'm soooooo grateful. I love my new place!

Christine Peacock
Peacock Insurance Agency

Dear Jeff, 
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for handling the purchase of our new home. You have shown yourself as an able negotiator who is capable of closing difficult short sale deals. This purchase sounds like it is the end of a long and difficult road of negotiations with an uncooperative tenant and other associated complications. In closing I would like to wish you well in your future real estate endeavors.

Michael Olson
Dear Jeff,
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all the work you did to get our condo sold. We wouldn't have sold it as quick as we did if you hadn't worked so hard to get it sold for us. We really appreciate it.

Thank you again,
Jim & Ruby Colombo

Dear Jeff,  [ click here for photocopy of letter ]

We just wanted to write you to let you know how much we appreciate your hard work on our behalf. You really earned your commission and then some. Out of all the people we came across in our search for the perfect home, none of them even came close to matching your integrity and honesty. Even when we thought we might never close the property you kept a positive attitude and reassured us.

The thing that most impressed us, though, is your commitment. Even though we weren't the biggest deal you had going, you still treated us like we were the most important.

We are definitely going to recommend you every chance we get. You believe people come first and that's where the real rewards in life come from. Thank you again for your fantastic service. Feel free to use us as a reference any time.

Brian and Laurel Genovese
Dear J. Hill and Associates,  [ click here for photocopy of letter ]

I would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your dedication and determination to make our dream a reality. Our new home in the City of Brea is everything we wanted in a home and truly is exactly what we were looking for in a neighborhood.

I would also like to commend you for your professionalism and guidance with the sale of our home in Whittier. Who would have guessed that our "first" open house would produce a **sale** for more than list price!!!!

I would like to take this opportunity again to say, that it was a pleasure to have J. Hill and Associates as our agent and I would recommend your firm to anyone that needs a true professional to handle the sale or purchase of their home.

Mr. and Mrs. John Byl Jr.
To Whom It May Concern:  [ click here for photocopy of letter ]

This letter is written with much appreciation and gratitude. Jeff Hill is an extremely hard-working and effective real estate agent. We had three agents listing the house in a year and a half and Jeff was the only one who came in with multiple offers. He sold our home, which was in foreclosure, and dealt directly with our mortgaging bank so that we didn't have to.

I was very skeptical when Jeff came into the picture. I was dealing with an ex-husband who was living in our house and trying to make any sale of the house difficult. Since he was not employed and had no place to go, he had turned down the only two offers we received on the house prior to Jeff taking over the listing. I then stopped making the house payment due to pay cuts at work and I had surrendered to the fact that the house would foreclose and I would have bad credit for 10 years.

Jeff listed the house and made promises to me that I thought were impossible to keep (especially knowing how difficult my ex-husband could be regarding this sale). Jeff Hill came through just as promised and made this a wonderful Christmas.

I'm looking forward to a great New Year and starting with a clean slate.

Yours Truly,
Carol S. Sullivan-Boule'
Dear Jeff,  [ click here for photocopy of letter ]

I want to send you my sincere gratitude for all of your efforts and assistance in selling my home at 21372 Calle Sendero, Lake Forest. Your marketing plan and advice brought me the best possible price that I thought I could possibly get! I changed agents to get your intensive marketing style. I thought that your techniques brought me an incredible amount of exposure in advertising, open houses, and agent previews. I was able to hold out among several offers on my house to get the best price that I got. I am recommending you to my friends for any real estate needs. The agent is the difference in going all out to buy or sell a property, and in this case, you were the difference!

Rolf Parkes
To Whom It May Concern:  [ click here for photocopy of letter ]

In today's housing market it is difficult to find a real estate agent who has the talent and ingenuity to sell a home. We contracted with two agents over a period of two years before finally finding the right agent for this tough job. Jeff Hill is in every way the super hero who rescued us from the numerous "dead head" agents out in the housing market. He has shown himself to be skillfully persuasive, ingenious, and diligent in his field of business in a day where too many agents are "all talk and no action."

First, Jeff immediately proved himself to be an expert salesman and negotiator. After our listing expired, we had literally twenty phone calls from other agents wanting our listing. By this time we had no faith in any agent. Jeff Hill was the only agent who was able to persuade us that he had something different to offer us. He was right. Not only is he persuasive when it comes to what he believes in, but also he proved to be the best negotiator I have ever seen in action. After selling our house, he negotiated for the house we wanted, and we got it for less than we originally aimed. Though persuasive, he maintained the highest ethical standards. He has won our respect as an expert in his field.

Secondly, not only is Jeff Hill persuasive, he also has ingenuity. His marketing ability and methods far exceeded any other agent whom we had encountered. We had a town home to sell, and we had not had one offer. Jeff was able to bring the right "type" of buyers through our home using creative methods. This eliminated many buyers who were not serious from coming our way. His strategies for pricing a home on the market work! He also has sophisticated ways of finding the right home for clients at the right price. Jeff helped us purchase the home of our dreams. In fact, Jeff's tactics far exceeds any other agent. His creative mind combined with his persuasive skills makes for a sure sale or buy.

Lastly, diligence and perseverance are what drive Jeff Hill's success in his profession. I have never seen someone so interested in accomplishing our goal; to sell our home! His communication with us was a constant reminder that we had the "Best" agent working for us. He is a man of his word, for he would call when he promised, and he would return our pager calls within 2-5 minutes. This kind of service is rare if not extinct in today's world. His diligence carried with it a positive tone which lifted our spirits when the market wanted to beat us down. He truly made our dream a reality.

Jeff Hill's persuasiveness, ingenuity, and perseverance made our dream of selling and buying a new home come to fruition. We believe that in a soft or hard market, Jeff Hill is the only agent to trust. You can make selling or buying a home a chore if your agent doesn't have foresight and skill in his/her field. Jeff Hill is definitely the man to get the job done.

Debra Cleaver
Jeff:  [ click here for photocopy of letter ]

I would like to thank you for your knowledge and ability in negotiating the successful close of my property at 27051 Enicinas in Mission Viejo.

I had three agents prior to you which had attempted to accomplish the sale on the above referenced property. None of these agents came close to demonstrating the skill or ability that you used to consummate the transaction. In fact, in my over 14 years in the Title business, I have dealt with countless Real Estate agents, none of which demonstrated anywhere close to the expertise you so easily employed.

Anyone can list a property, not anyone has the ability that you possess. I would highly recommend you and refer you to anyone that wants an expert negotiator and tenacious professional to successfully close the sale of their property.

With much gratitude,
Ken Vernengo
District Manager
To Whom It May Concern:  [ click here for photocopy of letter ]

This letter is a sincere thank you and recommendation for Jeff Hill. Jeff is truly a professional and understands today's real estate economy and follows the transaction through as he promises he will attempt to negotiate a short sale payoff with your lender. Our transaction had to be completed in a timely manner since the lender had filed the trustee sale date. Jeff was able to persuade the lender to extend the trustee sale date to allow time for the necessary paperwork to be completed by both the buyer as well as the seller. Whenever the lender requested information from Jeff, it was always provided immediately. We had tried to negotiate previously with our lender, however it was a servicing company and we couldn't reach the proper person to expedite an extension or agreement to allow us more time to sell our home. Again, Jeff was able to handle this immediately and closed our sale in a record time of 2 1/2 months. It would have closed in 1 1/2 months, but the buyer had items to handle, which prolonged the escrow, which worked to our advantage, allowing us more time in our house.

Jeff priced our house realistically for today's market, which expedited an immediate sale and then Jeff followed through constantly with the lender and kept us informed at all times; it wasn't necessary for us to call for updated information. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in a situation requiring a knowledgeable realtor for a short sale transaction.

Ron and Pat Riegling
Dear Jeff,  [ click here for photocopy of letter ]

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in selling my home. As we are both aware I was in foreclosure and my sale date was only two weeks away when I listed my property with you. I had listed my property with another nationwide Broker for six months and they had done nothing for me nor had they any suggestions on what to do. In all that time I not received one offer.

You presented me with a unique and highly specialized marketing plan. I know that the success of my home sale was due directly to your expertise in negotiating with the lender to close my sale and preventing a foreclosure on my credit.

I would highly recommend you to anyone regardless of their situation. You are a hard working professional that gets the job done. I wish you continued success and if I can be of any help please do not hesitate to call.

Bill Peerce
Dear Jeff,  [ click here for photocopy of letter ]
This is just a short letter to thank you for your outstanding service in the sale of our house. As you know, we were listed with another agent for six months with no offers. After listing with you, we had an offer within two months and were closing escrow two months later. We can't tell you how much your professionalism and interest in our problem has helped us through this time. I don't know of another agent that would put the effort into helping someone sell their property before it goes to foreclosure as you have.

Thank you
Lowell E. LaMora Jr.
 Credentials & Awards
Dear Jeff,
I would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate you for achieving the international President's Circle award for 1994. Your exceptional performance has placed you in the top 4% of the sales associates in our network. 1994 was a particularly challenging year in the real estate industry, which makes your accomplishment even more significant.

Your personal contribution has helped make the Prudential Real Estate network a leader in the industry and we are proud to have you on our team.

My best wishes for continued success in 1995. I look forward to seeing you in the winner's circle again next year!

Stephen E. Bauer
The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.


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