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J. Hill & Associates is a leader in Southern California lending and realty services that empowers consumers. Whether you're looking for a Realtor to help with a sale, or if you're looking for a new home, business location or other property, J. Hill & Associates can help. 


To obtain THE highest sales price for every seller we represent.

To obtain THE lowest sales price for every buyer we represent.

The Client’s needs are ALWAYS paramount!

We serve the client, and protect their interest FIRST.

The agent who acts like "What's in it for me" is unable to see the importance of serving the clients needs first and foremost. With client service as a priority, the compensation will follow. Real Estate is a practice, like Law and Medicine. What seems like common sense to me, also seems very uncommon in basic human behavior. There always seems to be enough people that will take from the woodpile. That does not prevent me from leaving the pile a little higher then the way I found it!

Our company’s philosophy:

The 4 rules of Real Estate:

  1. Show Up 
  2. Pay Attention 
  3. Always Tell The Truth 
  4. Don’t get Attached to the Outcome 

I think it is safe to say these 4 rules apply to life in general also. What happens if you do not show up for your job? Your relationships? Your children’s lives?

Jeffrey Hill
Short Sale Specialist 
Expert Negotiator 

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That is only the beginning. In the construction industry, showing up on time gets you ahead of 80% of the entire industry!

You must pay attention. What happens if you fail to pay attention while driving? When a client needs a 3 bedroom, do not show 2 bedrooms.

What I have seen, the trouble for some with rule 3 is most people are not truthful with themselves. That is where you start. There is not 1 transaction that is worth jeopardizing your license. When in doubt, disclose! An agent must disclose everything to a potential buyer he or she may know or discover before or during an escrow period. You must decide what you want, and then take all necessary and relevant steps to obtain your goals. If you are qualified for a $500,000.00 home, why look at homes listed at $750,000.00? Be realistic with your expectations, and what you have to offer.

I have worked on transactions, and the deal falls through. It will happen. Anything can happen. In 1991, a buyer made an offer on a custom, Ocean view home in San Clemente, California. The buyer was a pilot and during the escrow period, the buyer had a tragic accident in which his plane crashed and he passed away. Needless to say, the escrow fell through. The sellers tried to sell again, but the market conditions at that time were more favorable to a buyer. Three years later their house sold to a new buyer, although the sales price was over $300,000.00 less then that first buyer. You can have the best intentions, and a great plan of action, in the end the plan may not work out exactly as you had hoped.

What I learned while building homes is that you shoot for 100%, build a perfect house, not 1 defect. If you obtain 80% -90% you are doing pretty well. There are no problems, only solutions. Clichés are clichés for a reason, most of the time they are true.

Our Mission Statement:

To obtain THE highest sales price for every seller we represent.
To obtain THE lowest sales price for every buyer we represent.
To obtain THE lowest rate and terms on a loan for every property owner who needs financing.
The Client’s needs are ALWAYS paramount!
We serve the client, and protect their interest FIRST.

The value of an agent is in there ability to negotiate.

Every agent, no matter which company he or she works for, is an independent contractor.

While companies offer agents resources to expose properties or buyers to the market place, it is the agent who chooses which methods, or develops their own methods to assist a seller or buyer/borrower.

Statistically, about 80% of people who are licensed are in the sales industry for 2 years or less.

About 90% of all the transactions are completed by about 10% of agents. 

A good agent is usually busy. This does not mean he has 10 assistants, and only list properties. 

As a busy agent, most of the new clients come from referrals. Passed satisfied clients will refer an agent when you have done a good job for them. Most have seen the shampoo commercial, where she tells 2 friends, and then they tell 2 friends, and so on, and so on. 

This is truly how the business works.

You can see the importance for an agent of treating every client as they are THE most important client.

Another cliché, you cannot please all the people all the time.

To the 4 rules, I have added the following that needs to come AHEAD of the 4 rules of real estate.

Always do your BEST. 
Always do what is right. 

If a person follows the 4 rules AND the aforementioned two, most of the time, things will go very well for you.


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